Privacy policy

Protection of personal data (the administration) is attentive to the protection of personal data and respect for privacy. It implements the processing necessary to ensure the following fundamental principles: respect the expectations of individuals concerning their personal data, respect the laws and regulations in matters of personal data, legitimate rights and human rights.

The personal data protection policy informs you of the processing operations implemented by for this site and the online resources or services linked to suppliers and other partners.

When and why do we collect information about you?

We receive information from you to allow their proper transmission to the recipients you want to use in our services. This information makes it possible both to verify the authenticity of the data transmitted and to ensure that they are correctly referred to our software. Certain pieces of information are required to access the services. The compulsory nature of these elements is specified in the forms for each question, by an asterisk or by a "compulsory" mention.

What information do we collect?

The personal data we collect may include your name, your postal and email address, your landline or mobile phone number, information about your passion, your experience and your favorite accomplishments, images presenting your profile and your accomplishments, your city and your region, your volunteer service proposals and your use of the services we offer.

Certain information and comments or content (for example, photographs, profile description, project mode) that you provide on an optional basis may, under your responsibility and at your initiative, reveal sensitive data such as your ethnic origin, your nationality or your religion. By providing this optional information, you assume full responsibility for the dissemination of this sensitive information in our services.

How do we treat this data?

The data is transmitted to our administration in a secure manner using the https encryption process. We use various companies that provide our service (web host, mailing service, online software (FTP) among others) that can receive, receive and process this data. Depending on their sensitivity, different processes such as encryption can be applied to the data to protect it so that it is not accessible or readable. For example, your password is encrypted with each use, which allows you to be the only one to know the combination of characters you have chosen.

The personal data you provide are intended for the authentication of connections and the provision of services. When we want to offer you additional services by email, we ask for your consent via a validation button or a specific box to tick and specifying the nature of the services offered (optional).

At the same time, technical connection and navigation information is used for authentication and statistics on the use of our services.

To prevent fraud and viruses, any incident, false or irregular declaration may be subject to specific processing intended to prevent fraudulent use of our services.

Transparency and freedom of choice

To allow you to choose the services and treatments that suit you, we explicitly warn you of the treatments to which they may be subject before continuing to use the services. In particular, we display warning banners, buttons or ticks for you to give your explicit consent. By validating these forms or continuing to use our services, you actively consent to the transmission of information used in the context of automated processing.

You can modify your preferences for using our services at any time via the specific forms. For data requiring enhanced authentication, we may ask you to provide documents justifying their modification in order to prevent abusive or fraudulent modification of authenticated data.

You can ask to delete data from our database at any time by using the contact forms or by sending an email to contact arobase After authentication of your request, we will delete the data in compliance with the laws in force depending on the services used. We take steps to prevent accidental or fraudulent deletion of data. Therefore, even when you delete data used by our services, we do not immediately delete the residual copies that are on our active servers or those stored in our backup systems.


This privacy policy may change. Any reduction in your rights under this policy cannot be applied without your express consent. Any changes to the privacy rules will be indicated on this page and in the case of significant changes, we will post a warning and can notify you by email if necessary.