Dominating several valleys, which are the Dordogne valley, the Bave valley and the Cère valley, the hilltop village of Loubressac forms a beautiful harmonious whole with its castle, its church and its old stone houses with tiled roofs very picturesque brunettes. The village also offers its visitors a superb view of the surrounding valleys.



Commune of Quercy, the old fortified village stands at the top of a rocky peak overlooking the left bank of the Bave.
As you walk up the hill towards the hilltop village of Loubressac, you are greeted by the sight of stone houses with lovely little flower gardens and brown terracotta roofs and painted shutters - often in shades of burgundy - delicious! The houses are built of golden, almost white stone. The streets climb upwards and the shady square with its church dating from the XIIe to the XVIe  century.
As you walk around the village you will catch a glimpse of the surrounding countryside - the Dordogne, Cère and Bave valleys, it offers one of the best views of the Dordogne including views of the Castles of Castelnau which is near Bretenoux and which is one of the great castles of France.
Loubressac has a castle but it is almost impossible to see anything other than its imposing gate. The castle dates from the XVe -XVIIe centuries and its Maison des Gardes from the 15th century.
Loubressac is one of the “most beautiful villages in France”. It is also rightly proud of its floral efforts and has won the prize for "the most beautiful flowering village of the lot" and "the best flowered village in the Midi-Pyrénées region".

Le Château et son village

The entrance to Loubressac castle.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the castle, a XVe and XVIIIe century mansion, are well worth the short climb to get there.

Le Château et le village de Loubressac


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